Domestic Violence Survivor Gathers Contributions for Safe Shelter

Savannah, GA (WTOC)

A Savannah lady and survivor of domestic violence is sharing her story and returning to others like her this October.

Redina Thorpe-Thomas is gathering money and products for Savannah’s SAFE Shelter for domestic violence survivors and their households in honor of domestic violence awareness month.

” I simply wished to help the SAFE Shelter,” she stated. “I understood that I also lived in the SAFE Shelter over 30 years earlier.”.

Thorpe-Thomas was physically abused by her partner throughout her marital relationship.

” After the domestic violence, when you are being beaten by a male, you lose your self-esteem, so I ‘d lost a lot of who I was and who God desired me to be,” she stated. “It was really tough to return to that place, and I stated, ‘Wow. I was here at one point, so I need to do something to assist other ladies.'”.

Now, she’s assisting others by gathering physical and financial contributions, sharing how she found a way to her brand-new life and is an example that there is life after domestic violence.

” I’m a living and a strolling testament that there is a function in discomfort because now I’m here sharing my story, not for myself,” she stated. “I’m sharing my story to assist other ladies and guys who have been victims of domestic violence. I want them to see that they can be effective. Do not quit. Our lives were spared for a factor. There is hope. you can gain back whatever you lost. You need to be strong. You need to be brave, and you need to permit God to come into your life. For me, that has been the crucial element.”.

Discovering an outlet that permitted her to move past the abuse was another secret to restore her self-respect and increase independent financial status.

” I found a course after the discomfort, and the course after the discomfort for me was education,” she stated. “I returned to school and enhanced my education, so I might support my 3 children, who are also looking at me as a mom. I have to reveal them what a strong female looks like.”.

Thorpe-Thomas stated domestic violence is a social issue, and she wishes to belong to the service.

” I want people to know domestic violence victims need assistance,” she stated. “I want ladies to know that, much like myself, there is life after domestic violence. You can prosper again. Your life might start with domestic violence, but it does not need to end with domestic violence.”.

Contributions can be dropped off at Union Skidaway Baptist Church at 2227 Norwood Ave. in Savannah on Oct. 29, 2017, from 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

SAFE Shelter notes present required products on its website:

General Items:

– Household linens– brand-new towels, blankets, pillows, and any size bedding.
– Personal health items– Full-size hair shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, antiperspirant.
– Female health items.
– Diapers.
– Sleepwear and packaged underclothing– females and kids.
– Kitchen products– pots and pans, tableware, tableware, and glasses.
– Laundry products– cleaning agent, and conditioner.
– Toilet paper, tissue, and paper towels.
– Used mobile phone.
– Non-perishable food products.
– Gift cards– Grocery shops, Drug shops, and All-Purpose shops.
– Household products for households leaving the Shelter.

School Supplies:

– Backpacks.
– Ballpoint pens.
– No. 2 pencils.
– Colored pencils.
– Pencil sharpener– the ones with a top for shavings can be a lot less unpleasant.
– Highlighters.
– Large pink erasers.
– Boxes of crayons.
– Water-based markers.
– Notebooks.
– 3-ring binder.
– School uniforms– Solid white, navy blue, red or dark green long and brief sleeved collared t-shirts; black, khaki, or navy shorts or slacks.

For people presently in a violent scenario, Thorpe-Thomas stated it’s necessary to get a limiting order versus the abuser and to look for help and therapy.